Hilary 2024 Recitals

Fridays, 1.15pm
New College Ante-chapel

Welcome to the New Chamber Opera Studio Recital Series which is held on Fridays at 1.15 pm during term time in New College Ante-Chapel. The recital series has been running since 1994 and offers singers across the University and beyond the opportunity to perform a short programme in a relaxed atmosphere.

Week 2 – 26 January
Theo Cawood
Week 3 – 2 February
Matilda Bates
Week 4 – 9 February
Maurice Cole
Week 5 – 16 February
John Morshead
Week 6 – 23 February
Felicity Howard
Week 7 – 1 March
Josh Dennis
Week 8 – 8 March
Vocal Ensemble 
Maxim Fielder, Ellie Stamp, Ischia Gooda, Daniel Atkinson

Week 2
Theo Cawood
26 January

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Week 3
Matilda Bates with Luke Mitchell
2 February

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Week 4
Maurice Cole with Henry Coop
9 February

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Week 5
John Morshead with Francois Cloete
16 February

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Week 6
Felicity Howard – Cancelled
23 February

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Week 7
Dennis & the Menaces
1 March

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Week 8
The Anima Consort
8 March

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The Judgment of Paris 

Libretto: William Congreve
Music: John Weldon, one time Organist of New College, Oxford

Conductor: Luke Mitchell

New College Chapel
5 June 2024

Tickets from: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on?q=New%20chamber%20opera

British (English) School; John Wheldon; Faculty of Music and Bate Collection of Musical Instruments; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/john-wheldon-221317

Mercury, messenger of the gods
Paris, a shepherd
Juno, goddess of marriage. 
Pallas, goddess of war
Venus, goddess of love

In 1700, a group of nobles put up a ‘Musick Prize’ by offering through the pages of the London Gazette of 18 March: First prize was 100 guineas, second 50, third 30, and fourth 20, and the task was to set a new libretto, a masque, The Judgment of Paris, written for the occasion by William Congreve. John Weldon was one of four known entrants, the others being John Eccles, Daniel Purcell and Gottfried Finger. The works were performed singly and then together on one evening when the competition was run; the Prize was won by Weldon, Organist of New College, Oxford, much to the chagrin of most involved, with vague accusations of incompetence and corruption circling around the decision.In the masque, Mercury appears to the Shepherd Paris with the Golden Apple of Discord and asks him to award it to the Goddess for whom he has the most regard. The goddesses – Juno, Pallas, and Venus – all sing to him, presenting a future in each of their respective spheres, worldly power, war, and beauty. Pallas, seduced by Venus, awards it to her.