Il re pastore

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

4 (Preview), 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15 July 2012.

While Il re pastore – written when Mozart was only nineteen years old – may not be as well-known an operatic work as Così fan tutte or Le nozze di Figaro, it is nonetheless a substantial work in its own right that provides a glimpse into the themes and stylistic devices employed in his subsequent works. Originally a pastoral opera seria, the libretto by Pietro Metastasio was compressed from three to two acts in Mozart’s serenata version, and the plot places emphasis on benevolence and appreciation of the royal archetype during the time of Alexander the Great.

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Conductor – Steven Devine
Director – Michael Burden

Aminta: Kate Semmens
Elisa: Rachel Shannon
Tamiri: Merryn Gamba
Alessandro: Adam Tunnicliffe
Agenore: Tom Raskin

Act I
Alessandro, King of Macedonia, has freed the kingdom of Sidon from the grasps of the tyrant Straton. He does not assume the throne himself, but intends to restore the legitimate heir to the kingdom. Thus, together with Sidonian nobleman Agenore, they approach the shepherd Aminta who, unbeknownst to himself, is Abdalonimo, rightful heir to the throne. Aminta declines their offers nobly, being contented with his plans to tend to his flock and marry the nymph Elisa. The daughter of the overthrown Straton, Tamiri, is in love with Agenore but has too much pride to ask Alessandro for forgiveness. Before Aminta can ask Elisa’s father for a marriage blessing, he is informed by Agenore of his true royal identity, and is commanded to appear before Alessandro.

Act II
In a bid to secure peace within Sidon, Alessandro decides that Aminta should marry Tamiri, and this results in series of emotional conflict when Agenore carries out Alessandro’s orders obediently and secretly. Elisa is enraged by Alessandro’s decision, and calls for a public confession on Aminta’s part for betraying his love and commitment to her. Tamiri is displeased with Agenore, who has been torn between his love for Tamiri and his patriotism for Sidon. Aminta resolves to abdicate the throne to be with Elisa, but Alexander, moved by the sincerity of the lovers’ pleas, allows the lovers to be reunited. In a final grand gesture of magnanimity, Alessandro declares Aminta and Elisa as the rulers of Sidon, while Agenore and Tamiri are granted another kingdom to rule.