A Coffin, a Confession, and a Cautionary Tale – Three Pieces of Music Theatre

Works by Nicolson, Hogarth, plus the premiere of Luke Smith’s An Organist’s Confession

10 March 2022
8.30 pm in New College Ante-Chapel

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Three Pieces of Music Theatre 

A Coffin – Last Things by Alasdair Nicolson, with a text by Craig Raine, is a meditation at the bedside of a dying woman. (Performance deferred)

A Confession – The Organist’s Confession by Luke Smith, with a text by Michael Burden, is a study of an organist with dementia.

A Cautionary Tale – The Evils of Tobacco by Samuel Hogarth, with a text after Chekhov, is a humorous didactic on smoking.

Last Things – Karol Jozwik, countertenor
The Evils of Tobacco – Austin Haynes, countertenor
The Organist’s Confession – Lindsay Bramley, mezzo-soprano Premiere