Love & Death

Johann Pepusch
The Death of Dido
27 & 28 January 2023

Conductor: Luke Mitchell
Director: Michael Burden

27 & 28 January 2023
8.30 pm
Ante-Chapel, New College

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Dido – Maryam Wocial
Aeneas – Austin Haynes
Cupid – Ischia Gooda
Mercury – Matthew Pope

Aeneas loves Dido but abandons her to fate …
The Death of Dido is one of a group of masques written in and around 1715; it has music by Johann Pepusch, a German composer who had arrived in England in 1704. Booth’s libretto uses the same part of Virgil’s story used by Tate for Purcell’s more famous opera, Dido and Aeneas; Aeneas, searching for a new Rome, called at Carthage and the gods intervene to drive him off, and Dido thrown into despair, dies.