Domenico Cimarosa:
The Parisian Painter

(Il pittor parigino)

picnicLibretto by Giuseppe Petrosellini; Translation by Simon Rees

Summer Opera 2016
July 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15 & 16

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The Evening’s Events

6.00: Drink in the Cloisters
6.30: Opera Part I, The Warden’s Garden
Picnic Interval in the Cloisters (approximately 90 minutes)
9.00pm: Opera Part II, The Warden’s Garden
10.15pm: Curtain

stageThe Parisian Painter

Eurilla, a young lady (soprano): Rachel Shannon
Monsieur de Crotignac, the Parisian painter, in love with Eurilla (tenor); Nick Pritchard
Cintia, Eurilla’s cousin (soprano): Kate Semmens; Cecilia Osmond (12, 13)
Barone Cricca (basso): Sheridan Edwards; Matthew Thomson (9)
Broccardo, Eurilla’s ancient servant (tenor): Tom Kennedy

Conductor: Steven Devine
Director: Michael Burden

lodgingsRepetiteur: James Orrell
Repetiteur: Chloe Rooke

The Warden’s Garden, New College

The Parisian Painter

Domenico Cimarosa’s The Parisian Painter had its premiere at the Teatro Valle in Rome on 2 January 1781. The opera had an adventurous life; it was staged in 1782 in Milan, as part of the season at the Teatro alla Scala; in 1785 at the King’s Theatre in London; in 1793 in Vienna; in 1794 at Real Theatro Sao Carlo in Lisbon. In a revised version, it was staged as Le brame deluse in Florence in 1787 with the addition of some arias of Francesco Cipolla, and in 1794 at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples as Il barone burlato.

Domenico Cimarosa

cimarosaCimarosa was among the most successful of late 18th-century opera composers. He was born in Aversa, Campania, and was sent to Naples to study. He obtained a scholarship at the musical institute of Santa Maria di Loreto, where he studied with Nicolo Piccini, Antionio Sacchini, and others. His first opera was the 1772 comedy, Le stravaganze del conte, followed by the farce Le pazzie di Stelladaura e di Zoroastro; these resulted in an invitation to Rome, and he began writing more widely, with premieres in Rome, Naples, Florence, and Venice. From 1787 to 1792, Cimarosa worked in St Petersburg by invitation of Empress Catherine II. And on returning to Vienna, wrote what is regarded as his masterpiece, Il matrimonio segreto (NCO staged it 1990, and in 1996). He died in Venice in 1801.

Tickets as below

Wednesday 6th July (Preview) or
Saturday 9th July (New College Development Office) – Contact: (01865) 279 337
Sunday 10th July (New Chamber Opera) or
Tuesday 12th July (OXPIP) or
Wednesday 13th July (Botanic Gardens) – Contact: 07722 605 787
Friday 15th July (New College Development Office) – Contact: (01865) 279 337
Saturday 16th July (Friends of Welsh National Opera) – Contact: (01844) 237 551 or (07813) 907 466